WISE Mentoring Program

Posted: Apr 11, 2016

Hello again and happy almost Spring from the ASSE WISE Mentoring Committee! Heartfelt thanks to our outstanding and seasoned mentors and kudos to our advancing and smart mentees! We continue to reassess and implement strategies to achieve goals and dream for 2016! We have been inspired over the past year by WISE members’ certification, educational, and career achievements! Your commitment to making an impact as a safety professional has demonstrated remarkable and positive results. In 2016, let’s increase your leadership and work ethic visibility, voice, and contribution!

Consider participating in our exciting three step “reach out” Business/Corporate Presence initiative over the next three months focusing on personal gravitas and “gaining a seat at the table”. The foundation of this program is a study by The Center for Talent Innovation, a NY based non-profit research organization, on what it takes to be perceived as a promotable leader.

Part II, March 2016 Successful Communication Gravitas

For this second session, join us in reviewing the importance of successful corporate communication gravitas. This session emphasizes the development of positive communication attributes and the elimination of verbal and body language detractors, while infusing your personal style and remaining true to your core values. Join our lively and open discussion on WISE Linked In! Look for Part III in April!

Background on Corporate Presence

  1. Sylvia Hewlett Discusses Corporate Presence

Communication Gravitas

  1. (humor) Famous quotes, the way a woman would have to say them during a meeting, Alexandra Petri, 2015
  2. The 10 Worst Communication Mistakes For Your Career, Jenna Goudreau, 2012
  3. How To Command A Room Like Stephen Colbert, Anett Grant, 2014
  4. Impromptu Guru, Advice on Powerful Public Speaking, series of short 60 second instructive videos